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Blackeye Camera

We provide a range of security products and covert equipment aimed at monitoring and/or securing remote locations, including locations with no power - even in the middle of a field or the top of a mountain!

Our exciting new Intelligent Battery is a smaller, lighter, ruggedised battery that communicates with you whilst deployed. With a high capacity it addresses some of the common problems with existing solutions.

Where current traditional CCTV methods fall short, our cameras offer something different to the leading CCTV products - ours are portable, small and easy to install without lots of wires.

Our self-contained, weatherproof, night and day cameras provide excellent image quality, ease of use, robustness and owner self-installation: ideal for farmers, agriculture, construction, covert, equine and marine uses.

  • Building
    Protect your site

    Deadlines are tight and materials and equipment costs are rising all the time.

    EW100 thumb
    Consider the Eye on the Wall 100
  • Sheep on snow
    Livestock / Pest Monitoring
    Addresses large and remote areas

    Collect data on feeding and watering station usage.

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    Consider the Blackeye Camera
  • Big harvest
    Protect your assets

    Farms have many remote locations. Machinery and tool theft is increasing

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    Consider the Eye on the Wall 100
    with secure enclosure
  • Steel Cable
    Metal Theft
    Put a stop to it!

    Thieves are targeting anything from power cables and drain covers to memorial plaques.

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    Consider the Blackeye Camera
  • Fuel Stand
    Fuel Theft
    Increasing crime trend

    With ever higher fuel prices business, organisations and individuals are potential targets.

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    Consider the Blackeye Camera
  • Crime montage
    Urban Crimes
    Nuisance and Annoyance

    Got trouble in your local area with issues like car crime, vandalism, graffiti and fly-tipping?

    EW100 enclosure thumb
    Consider the Eye on the Wall 100
    with secure enclosure
  • Horse
    Improve your security

    Affordable monitoring or surveillance for less than the cost of a saddle!

    EW100 enclosure thumb
    Consider the Eye on the Wall 100
    with secure enclosure
  • Golf ball
    Golf Courses
    Large open areas

    Monitor blind spots for trespassing and keep watch over vulnerable areas.

    Consider the Blackeye Camera
Blackeye Camera

Blackeye Camera

Novetic is pleased to add the Blackeye camera, an innovative, weatherproof and versatile miniature security camera, to its range of monitoring and surveillance products.

This self-contained, robust, high performance camera, with number plate capture mode, is specifically designed to meet the challenging needs of implementing surveillance in remote or unattended locations, in both rural and urban areas. The camera's small size (163mm overall length) allows many possibilities for camera location.

Using the camera is easy and fuss free. Simply position the camera and turn it on. Now view the images on your smartphone or other devices!   more...

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Funny faces on camera

Your number's up! A simpler solution to ANPR complexity.

Clever cameras can give you a picture of a readable number plate from a moving car at night. Even cleverer cameras can photograph and automatically read the number plate of the car. This is using a technology called Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) that allows computer processing of digital images using character recognition techniques to extract vehicle number plates.

Funny faces on camera

Who ate my sandwiches? Some uses for a security camera

For much of the general public, we know security cameras are watching us, but we give them little further thought. We are aware there are security cameras in city centres, on petrol forecourts and at the gates of locked sites and we largely ignore them, excepting perhaps, the desire to wave once you realise you're on the telly at the entrance to the supermarket. Or you are Mr Bean.

Power sources

No power? No problem! How to put a security camera in the middle of a field

Traditional CCTV and video monitoring has historically meant one camera and one monitor with a cable connecting the two. Modern systems are now far more complex including use of a wide variety of techniques and technologies. The vast majority of this equipment requires mains power.

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Novetic Ltd. is a UK based private company established to tackle the problem of monitoring remote and unattended locations. We offer a range of products to provide complete security solutions.

We source and develop our own products, specialised and targeted for specific markets, based on industry experience and customer feedback.

Novetic is based in Surrey, United Kingdom but ships products worldwide more...


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