Intelligent Battery

The Intelligent Battery from Novetic. A smaller, lighter, ruggedised battery that communicates with you whilst deployed.

Intelligent Battery

Deploying surveillance equipment is a delicate and precise process. Carrying physically large and heavy batteries around in the dark is not ideal. Coupled with this you never quite know if the battery is working or still has charge.

The Intelligent Battery addresses these issues by being lighter, smaller and providing real-time information, for example, if the charge level drops to a low level the battery will automatically notify you, allowing you sufficient time to recharge the battery.

- Query the battery status from any location
- Remotely turn the battery power on/off
- Receive automatic notification when charge is getting low


Intelligent Battery iPhone
SMS notifications direct
to your phone
  • High capacity rechargeable battery available as standard: 24Ah, 48Ah and 96Ah
  • Maximum load current 4 Amps, standard voltage outputs at 6V, 9V and 12V
  • Robust ruggedised aluminium IP68 enclosure with military specification connectors
  • A range of external antennas including fully disguised covert options
  • Our lithium polymer battery weighs one third of the weight of a comparable lead acid battery
  • Small size: 48Ah measures 260 x 160 x 90 mm
  • Increase capacity by daisy chaining multiple batteries together to act as a single battery with intelligent control
  • Designed for covert deployment - no sounds or lights
  • Full product customisations on request
  • Communication and configuration via SMS includes
    • Remote monitoring and alarm functions
    • On/Off scheduling (allowing equipment to be installed ahead of use time)
    • Regular status reports or live ad-hoc requests
    • Alarm SMS when charge drops to a predefined level
  • SMS Control is PIN secured and via approved programmed numbers
  • Flexible SIM options include Multi-Network roaming SIMs and customer supplied SIMs
  • Optional Secure website is also in development to allow management of the Intelligent Battery and enhanced reporting via a secure web interface.

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