Eye on the Wall 100 Camera

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Eye on the Wall 100 Camera

Novetic presents a simple solution to a tricky problem with its Eye on the Wall 100. Keep a lookout at building sites, farms, stables and other remote areas with this invisible-infrared security camera.

A straightforward, battery-operated security camera; self-contained, easy to install, with strong audio and video; ideal for locations with no wired-in power. Also available in a secure metal enclosure.

The Eye on the Wall 100 is an affordable, self-contained, surveillance camera system. Use the time-lapse features to record a changing environment (e.g. crop growth, building progression) or capture high-definition video...

Sample camera image Sample camera image Sample camera image Sample camera image
Sample images from the Eye on the Wall 100
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Camera shown in optional
secure metal enclosure
  • Self-contained, battery-operated surveillance system
  • Obtain visual proof of activities of interest and/or security problems, when and where they occur
  • Automatic day / night operation
  • Invisible infrared illumination
  • Rapid and discreet deployment
  • Easy setup and configuration with button navigation & LCD display
  • Time-lapse captures for slow-moving events
  • PIR motion-triggered intruder detection
  • High-definition HD720 video recording with audio
  • Date & time stamped images
  • Internal storage on SDHC card (maximum 32GB)
  • Weather resistant to IP66
  • Optional secure metal housing to increase camera robustness
  • Powered by alkaline batteries, external DC input or optional solar battery

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