Intelligent Battery

Intelligent Battery

The Intelligent Battery from Novetic: A smaller, lighter, ruggedised battery that communicates with you whilst deployed.

- Query the battery status from any location
- Remotely turn the battery power on/off
- Receive automatic notification when charge is getting low

Blackeye Camera

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An innovative, weatherproof and versatile miniature security camera. This self-contained, robust, high performance camera, with number plate capture mode, is specifically designed to meet the challenging needs of implementing surveillance in remote or unattended locations, in both rural and urban areas. The camera's small size (163mm overall length) allows many possibilities for camera location more...

Eye on the Wall 100 Camera

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Eye on the Wall 100

A straightforward, affordable, battery-operated, self-contained security camera; self-contained, easy to install, with strong audio and video; ideal for locations with no wired-in power. Also available in a secure metal enclosure more...

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About Us

Novetic Ltd. is a UK based private company established to tackle the problem of monitoring remote and unattended locations. We offer a range of products to provide complete security solutions.

We source and develop our own products, specialised and targeted for specific markets, based on industry experience and customer feedback.

Novetic is based in Surrey, United Kingdom but ships products worldwide more...


If you are a manufacturer of a product that would complement our range, please contact us to discuss further.

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